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Who we are

Kümelenn makes and market gourmet infusions (herbal teas) based on herbs grown in Chile.

Kümelenn began with the concerns of two entrepreneurs, who wanted to recover the ancestral knowledge of the natives. They used herbs grown in Chile to create high quality herbal teas to be enjoyed around the world. With the objective of the reaching the highest technical standards, they incorporated an agricultural engineer with studies in France as the third partner to form the basis of Kümelenn.

The quality of the products has been recognized by experts. In October 2010, one of the infusions “Espiritu de la Patagonia” was evaluated and awarded by an international jury (Holland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Chile), obtaining the “Maximum Distinction” in the Premium Food Challenge 2010, part of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

Kümelenn products are made with high quality raw materials grown by producers with vast and respected experience in this field. They are packaged under the strictest of health standards. The very attractive product presentation clearly shows the herbs in all their glory in a nice package.